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Book I:  Love's Vows

Set in 10th Century England and Ireland, Caerthwaite, Book 1:  Love’s Vows chronicles the love of Josselin Ironstone and Sven Augensson, two people who cannot be together yet cannot live apart.  (Endeavour Press, June 21).

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Book II:  Love's Bonds

Set in 10th Century England 15 years after Book I, Josselin Langthwaite, has returned to her home in Cumbria, Caerthwaite, after an absence of over two years.  While there, she receives word that her husband, Godric, has died.  Eager to get back to her home in Sussex as quickly as possible, she seeks passage with an unknown captain, who decides that this noblewoman might be worth a ransom and takes her prisoner to the Isle of Sark. When Josselin’s stepson and his wife refuse to pay the ransom, chaos ensues.(Endeavour Media, September 2017}

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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