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Caerthwaite, Book 1:  Love’s Vows and Book 2, Love's Bonds are the first in a planned series.  Set in pre-Conquest Anglo-Saxon Cumbria, Sussex, and Ireland, the Caerthwaite series  follows the relationship between Josselin Ironstone, a woman born to privilege, if not nobility, and Sven Augensson, the son of her father’s steward.  A childhood friendship and a forbidden love affair lead the reader through a complicated tangle of emotions and circumstances, as well as unplanned adventures. The one constant is the great love Josselin and Sven have between them.

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"Love's Vows is a richly detailed historical fiction novel set during the late 9th and early 10th century England. The author does an excellent job researching the times and the herbal remedies. . . The author allows this couple to rediscover their love in the form of a second chance. I'm looking forward to the sequel."

-- Cryssa Bazos, author of Traitor’s Knot

"A powerful and touching historical romance."  

-- Holly Kinsella, author of Tell Him About It and My Life



A book which has everything by way of appeal:  strong characters, an engaging plot, along with the sprawling landscape of ancient England.  Grannis has woven a tale that displays historical fiction at its finest.  

-- Lyndsy Spence, author of House of Lies and Mistress of Mayfair




KATE GRANNIS lives in a mid-Atlantic state, midway between the mountains and the sea, in a 1930’s bungalow.  When not writing historical fiction, the author enjoys traveling—especially to Great Britain, gardening, reading and a wide variety of needlework, including making historical costumes.  Other than historical fiction, visitors to the author’s bookshelves will find an assortment of mysteries, romance, and non-fiction.  In other words, hardly any topic is off-limits for this voracious reader.

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Images from St. Declan's Abbey in Ireland as well as images that portray important aspects of the novels.


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